Hi, I'm Aaron Novello

Meet Your Guide

In order to commit to a process of growth and development, it's important that you get to know your guide. It's one thing to rattle off your achievements but it's another to share the good, bad and ugly of your journey.

Make no mistake, the "shift storm" is here. And I'm devoting my time, talents and resources to helping agents that are just crazy enough to join me to drive massive growth in their business and life during the wild economic times that are coming.

Here's a little about me and why I'm so passionate about helping agents like you build businesses that allow for true time and money freedom.

I began my Real Estate career in 2006.

I began my Real Estate career in 2006 right after graduating from the University of Florida. My first nine months in the business, I only made $13,000. Through proximity to the best coaches, trainers and mentors and by paying hundreds of thousands of dollars, I have personally sold more than 2,000 homes.

Survived the challenging market.

After only two years in the business, the financial and real estate market collapsed in 2008. Armed with a knowledge of the sales process, mindset and skills, I grew my business 25% year over year. After five years in the business, I hit 100 transactions per year.

I help other agents step up and create success in their own business

From struggling to get the business off the ground to selling over 100+ homes a year for 10 years in a row, I know how to equip agents with the mindset, skills, and systems to dominate and get their unfair share of the market. Through coaching, hard work, dedication and the right tools, I believe that any agent can sell over 100+ homes a year.

I went from making $13k a year to making seven figures a year.

I believe that by practicing your skills, hustling hard and executing with power you can transform your real estate business to be the elite, profitable real estate business you desire!

You deserve the best council possible so you can LEVEL UP your Real Estate Business

You can learn how to:

  • Sell over 100+ homes a year.

  • Make over 6 figures in your business.

  • Create financial freedom.

  • Become a top producing agent.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Questions Like These?

I ask, because there’s quite a bit of misleading information out there in terms of growing your real estate sales business. Most traditional real estate coaching programs teach you how to sell more homes no matter what the consequences are in your personal life. And you end up working more hours to serve the increased demands of your business.

It’s a formula that doesn’t work if you want to have a life outside of real estate.

Through coaching, hard work, dedication and the right tools I believe any agent can sell over 100+ homes a year.

Knowing precisely how rocky my journey was, how many mistakes I made, I knew I could help others get there in half the time — and with less pain and suffering. And so I decided to pass on the wisdom and insights that I learned along the way.

If you are at the point in your journey where you’ve achieved traditional success and it’s just not giving you the time and money freedom you deserve, it’s time to take a different approach.

It’s time to find out what you can do different to build a business worth owning so you have a life worth living.

Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Aaron Novello

Founder, Elite Builders

In Real Estate, Practice Makes Production. It's time to step up your real estate game.

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